Curriculum vitae
Kalamazoo College

I became a teacher because my own great teachers were such powerful forces in my life. But any philosophy of teaching that I have I've developed since coming to "K." For me, developing as a teacher has meant unlearning most of the old orthodoxy about teaching. I very quickly abandoned what radical educational theorist Paolo Freire called the "banker" model -- the teacher makes deposits of knowledge into the student -- in favor of the midwife model: my job is to help the student give birth to something new. I see teaching fundamentally not as the transmission of knowledge or information, but rather as a relationship and a conversation. That is, of course, an ideal, but there have been lots of moments at "K" when I've seen it become real in a classroom, and I can't think of anything more exciting. Finally, as a teacher I want to play a crucial role as a guide who leads students into greater critical consciousness of the world they have inherited, and a greater sense of themselves as powerful actors in that world. My disciplines -- literature, writing, Women's Studies -- lend themselves wonderfully to that enterprise.


Victorian Secrets: Dramas of Sex, Race and Class in the British Fin-de-siècle


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